Member Plan & Play Social

Our Member Plan & Play Socials are always at 10:00 AM on the last Thursday of the month, unless there is a scheduling conflict. We meet at the First Baptist Church of Edwardsville, 534 St. Louis Street, Edwardsville 62025. This is where we plan events, brainstorm activities and chat with our friends while the kids play! Kids are welcome at everything we do, including the meeting. We have a playroom full of toys and monthly volunteers to sit with the kids during the meeting itself. Most business is done at the beginning, followed by a speaker or discussion. The public is welcome to attend this event and see what the MOMS Club® of Edwardsville is all about!

Mom’s Night Out

This is the only event that is just for moms. Once a month we get together at a restaurant, movie theater, a member’s house, or wherever we decide, to chat and unwind. It is very informal and a great way to get to know each other better.

Family Day

We also do a Family Day a couple of times a year (a weekend activity the whole family can enjoy, such as a baseball game or a weekend BBQ.)

Play Dates

We have both age-specific play dates and all-age play dates. Our current age-specific play groups are Koala Babies (0-1), Little Monkeys (1-2), Jumping Kangaroos (2-3), Dizzy Ducks (3-4), Giggly Giraffes (4-5) and Eager Elephants (school age).

Field Trips

Periodically we schedule a field trip to a local place of interest. We try to accommodate all ages of children whenever possible. Some field trips are free, but some may include an entrance fee or cover charge to be paid by you.


We have several committees set up within the MOMS Club® to focus on specific activities. The head of each individual committee will be able to provide you with more details on what exactly is involved if you are interested in joining. The currently active committees include Party Planning, Operation Diaper Change and the Welcome Committee.

Service Projects

To keep our non-profit status, we are obligated to do at least one service project that benefits children each year, though our group tends to do quite a bit more than that! As moms who are fortunate enough to stay at home with our children, it is good to reach out to our community and beyond to help those in need.

Special Interest Groups

We have a few special interest groups within the MOMS Club® of Edwardsville such as the Adult Book Club, Kid’s Book Club, Kid’s Cooking Club and the Walking Group. 


2 Responses to “Events”

  1. Amy December 9, 2015 at 9:39 pm #

    I would love to join with some woman and socialize..I have lived here 11 years and no friends. Please let me know what I search for, for events. Thank you, Amy

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